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Transplant recipients, individuals with epilepsy, hypertension, and others who require medication
for their continued health and well-being face dire consequences if they miss even a single
dose of their medication. Our wearables provide the highest level of protection against medication errors for these patients.


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CertAlert is committed to providing value not just to it’s customers but to the entire healthcare eco-system and all stakeholders in our community. We have introduced a recycling program so our wearables do not damage the environment and we have prioritized building an inclusionary company where everyone is welcome. In addition, CertAlert offers our wearable devices at affordable prices to ensure everyone has the tools they need to protect their health. Through these initiatives CertAlert demonstrates our commitment to enhance the well-being of our customers and making a positive impact on the broader healthcare community.

Always on, never needs recharging, data-driven verification

Advantage Wearables

Why is a wearable device is the best solution?

Dose critical medication users face a wide range of challenges when it comes to managing their medication schedule. For example, they may not always be in audible range of their alarm, leading to missed doses. They may also forget to recharge their device, causing it to go dead when they need it most. Even something as benign as taking an unexpected nap can throw off their medication schedule, leading to missed doses. One of the biggest challenges that dose critical medication users face is the ease with which they can turn off their alarm without taking their medication. This can happen when they are feeling sleepy, hurried or when get distracted by unexpected events, causing them to forget about their medication entirely. The best solution to these challenges is a wearable device that is always in range, loud enough to pierce sleep, doesn’t need recharging, and has a persistent alarm that is deactivated only when the task of is completed.

Reducing Risk-
Satisfying Customers

CertAlert’s adjustable alarm settings provide medication users with the flexibility to choose the level of protection that best fits their needs. Dose-critical users can choose to set the alarm to escalate until the task is completed and send an electronic alert to care providers if a dose is missed, other medication users can set the device allow a set number of missed doses,  or CertAlert can be set to just log missed doses with no final alarm. 

CertAlert ties it all together by offering a user-friendly device with accurate, accessible data. That data is used to create user profiles to help identify clients who are struggling with adherence and determine their specific barriers.

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 CertAlert is a wearable healthcare technology that helps users manage their medication regimens. It works by using a sensor-based alarm system that verifies medication adherence, collects data, sends alerts to both users and caregivers if there are any missed doses.

Yes, CertAlert offers customizable wearable devices, such as customized jewelry pendants, that are designed to be comfortable and stylish. The customizable feature allows users to select the design that best suits their style and preferences.

CertAlert's technology is different from other medication management tools in that it provides a wearable device that integrates with the user's daily routines, making it more convenient and less obtrusive. It also includes self-verifying alarms to ensure medication adherence, sending out alerts to caregivers and family members if needed.

CertAlert works with all drug delivery methods and can organize and track any schedule, including daily, weekly, and monthly doses. This makes it suitable for anyone who needs to manage their medication regimen.