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How CertAlert Works

Step# 1
Step# 1


The comfortable pendant sends alerts when meds are needed.
Step# 2
Step# 2

Color System Prevents Mix-ups

Colored stickers placed on the bottles make them easy to distinguish. The pendent tells you which color to choose.
Step# 3
Step# 3

One Simple Swipe

Across the tag under the cap ensures meds were taken correctly and records the event.
Step# 4
Step# 4

Phone App

Programs the pendent and checks adherence scores.
Step# 5
Step# 5

Real-Time Monitoring

Data collected in the wearable is streamed to the cloud for analysis.

Simplifying Adherence for End Users:

CertAlert understands the challenges patients face in staying consistent with their medication regimen. Our platform is designed with usability in mind, making medication adherence effortless and intuitive. With our user-friendly, self-verifying interface, patients can easily track their medication intake, receive notifications, and stay on top of their health.

Revolutionary Self-Verifying Medication System

Discover the future of medication management with our revolutionary patented self-verifying and color-coded system, designed to make your life easier, safer, and simpler.

Giving You the Data You Need:

CertAlert isn’t just about simplifying adherence; we’re all about results. Our platform generates comprehensive data-driven insights that empower healthcare professionals, pharmacies, and organizations like yours. Dive deep into adherence patterns, identify areas for improvement, and take proactive steps towards better patient outcomes.

Driving Results and Moving Numbers:

CertAlert’s data-driven approach is your secret weapon to achieving unparalleled success. Leverage our platform’s rich analytics to measure and optimize medication adherence rates. By identifying trends and patterns, you can tailor interventions, improve patient engagement, and ultimately drive better health outcomes.

Simple & Intuitive - Requires Interaction with Medication

1: Alarm Sounds

2: Swipe Tag Under Pill Cap to Turn Off

Colors Prevent Errors:

Our color-coded system helps users select the correct medication. For complex medication regimens, the device is paired with a pre-loaded medication dispenser.

“Tech-Driven Solutions for Enhanced Adherence: CertAlert Setting the Standard”

  • 5 Second Customer Education
  • No Recharging, No Worries
  • Lifestyle Companion – Goes Where You Go
  • Various Drug Delivery Methods
  • BioSensor Integration

No Maintenance

Effortless and Sustainable Device Solutions
Lifestyle Companion Device
No Recharging
No Maintenance
Devices Recycled
Every 4-6 Months


Customer Discovery

Improved understanding
Identify At-RiskPatients

Customer Engagement

Personalized Interventions
Improved Patient Education

Pharmacy Management

Enhancing Medication Management
Optimizing Inventory Management

CertAlert Delivers Data

Pharmacy Workflow

1-Year Launch and Implementation

  • 55 years of combined industry experience
  • Ensuring medical devices meet market requirements
  • Expertise with functional products with risk management, compliance, and usability in mind
  • Expertise in security verification and software development
  • Design services, security, prototyping, and testing for apps, infrastructure, and connectivity
  • Support for cross-platform applications

Forget about Forgetting

  • Never forget to recharge: 4 months of power!
  • Never forget the device: Always on you!
  • Never forget how it works: 5 SecondCustomer Education
  • Never forget when medication needs to be taken!

Our Team

Chad Juranek

Co-Founder & CEO MBA,
Creighton University

Senior Financial

Madeleine Sharp, MS

Director of Data Management & Analytics
MS, Data Science

Biostatistical Programming
& Analysis,
Johns Hopkins University:
Clinical Trials & Research

Dr. Anthony Defulio, PhD

Professor Western
Michigan University

Background in Clinical
Trials for Adherence

Doug Bevel

Co-Founder & CertAlert Inventor

Product Development & Intellectual Property

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The beauty of CertAlert lies in its simplicity and user-friendly design. The devices are visually appealing and intuitive, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of age or ability.
CertAlert revolutionizes medication management, seamlessly connecting users, families, and healthcare providers.

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